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Motorola (NYSE:MOT) is re-editing its worldwide cellular phone instruction manuals. They will now include a service number in Israel."Elisha Yanay, CEO of Motorola Israel said the ¿publication of the country name 'Palestine' in the manuals distributed in Europe is a regrettable mistake Motorola is now working to put right."

Several customers in France and Belgium have recently commented on the fact Israel was missing from the list of countries with a service office. In its place appeared the name 'Palestine' along with a phone number of a distributor in the area of the Authority.

Motorola says those who noticed the error ignored the fact the list was a partial one, and that out of the 250 countries where the phones are sold, only 45 appeared on the list, since the service for these devices is provided, in Israel as well, by the cellular operators.

"It is clear Motorola Europe was insensitive to the matter and responded in a merely practical manner," says Yanay. "After thorough examination and in light of the political tensions in our area, Israel will be added to the list of countries in the operation manuals. The Palestinian Authority will appear in the guides as just that, rather than as a state."

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