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Hanan Achsaf, president and chairman of Motorola Israel, is retiring at the end of May for private business. He intends to set up a communications startup together with his son.

Achsaf joined Motorola 36 years ago as a development engineer.

Motorola Israel employs more than 4,000 people. Its annual turnover is about $1.2 billion. Achsaf, one of Motorola Israel's founders, has served as its president and chairman for about ten years.

Achsaf also helped found Pele-Phone Communications together with the Bezeq phone company. Motorola recently sold its 50% stake in Pele-Phone Communications to the Shamrock investment group.

While serving as president of Motorola Israel, Achsaf also served as the prime minister's adviser on telecommunications, chairman of the Israel Electronics Industries Association, and chairman of the Israel-America Chambers of Commerce. He also spearheaded an effort called A PC for Each Child.