Motorola Communications Israel is launching a series of mobile phones specially for cars, which operate on Cellcom network.

The phone, called TMR-2100, is the first of its kind to operate using TDMA - time division multiple access - transmission and reception technology.

The product was developed as the sequel to Motorola's CMR-2100 fixed mobile cellular phone for cars, which is based on CDMA - code-division multiple access technology, and operates on the Pele-Phone Communications network.

The entire development and manufacturing of the new product were carried in Israel by Motorola Israel.

The TMR-2100 phone is based on the StarTAC communications card. The phone offers high-quality voice communications and other advanced features. It is equipped with 99 memories, single-tap turbo dialing, and can automatically lower radio volume when calls come in. The phone is also equipped with memory of the last 30 incoming calls and last 20 outgoing calls.

Motoroa Cellular Phones division area manager Herzl Arviv said that the development of the TMR-2100 makes the company doubly proud. First, because it is an original Israeli development, and secondly because now subscribers of TDMA networks, such as Cellcom, to enjoy the benefits of fixed car phones.