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veteran and CFO John Connors slipped out the door last week, ending a 16-year career without any apparent media fanfare.

The departure of Connors was announced in early January. At the time, the company did not give a firm departure date, but said he would assist with the transition.

At this point, Microsoft does not have an official replacement, but is considering both internal and external candidates.

The company disclosed his actual departure on March 31 in a

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In January, it was disclosed that Connors would become a partner at the Seattle-area venture capital firm, Ignition Partners, which was founded in early 2000 by a team of former senior executives from Microsoft and McCaw Communications, which was sold to


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Under Connors' watch, Microsoft made a few notable moves on the financial front. Most recently, the moves included paying out the largest ever one-time special dividend last year, worth a total of about $32 billion; paying a regular dividend for the first time; and taking the lead in expensing stock-based compensation, bucking other tech industry resistance to such expensing.

Microsoft reports quarterly earnings April 28.