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The government's 10-year-long antitrust case against


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took a dramatic turn toward the endgame Monday, as the presiding judge ruled the software giant

violated antitrust law. Microsoft shares fell 15% ahead of the ruling as investors fretted that Microsoft, one of the primary drivers of the great bull market and until recently the most valuable company in the world, would be dismembered under court order. Microsoft vowed to appeal.

Discussions aimed at settling the matter

foundered this weekend, leaving the judge to rule on the

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Justice Department's

suit. The failure of settlement talks cleared presiding judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, who in issuing his

findings of fact last November ruled Microsoft had acted as a monopoly, to rule on which laws Microsoft violated. (For more information on the government's action against the Redmond, Wash., software giant, see our

Microsoft Trial Timeline.)


takes you beyond the judge's ruling and the stock-market action to what will happen next in this landmark case, and what investors should look for in considering this most closely watched stock.

Moving Beyond the Microsoft Settlement

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