Updated from 11:14 a.m. ET with additional reporting from ZDNet and a tweet from Netseer.



) -- A multitude of

web users have reported malware warnings

when trying to access popular websites such as Boston.com, the New York Post and this website, TheStreet.com.

The origin of this warning appears rooted with Netseer, a Santa Clara company providing contextual ad targeting solutions.

"All sites using DoubleClick (aka Google AdSense) ads may cause malware warnings in Chrome if a NetSeer ad is rendered," reads one

tweet by Neal Gompa

, a software engineering student.

Netseer has responded to this issue via its Twitter account

, tweeting "False alarm on netseer adserving. Issue resolved with Google. back to normal. Will issue an official statement soon."

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According to a

report by ZDNet


A NetSeer spokesperson confirmed that its corporate network had been infected with malware, and Google subsequently added its domain to a list of malware-affected Websites. Because NetSeer's corporate site has the same domain name as its advertising network, Google triggered warnings on end-user machines warning users to avoid any Web page that happened to include an ad served from NetSeer's servers...

"Our operations team went into all-hands-on-deck mode and we have successfully cleaned the site of the malware issue. We are also working with Google to do an expedited review of the site and remove the site from the malware impacted site-list so that browsing behavior can be restored for all users," a NetSeer spokesperson said.

Publishers affected by today's malware incident should contact info@netseer.com to help resolve their issue,

according to a follow-up tweet by Netseer

. A spokesperson for Google offered a

blog post about safe browsing

for consumers and a

help page for webmasters


This article was written by a staff member of TheStreet.