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Mobile phone applications firm m-Wise today announced three contracts with Spanish mobile operators.

The company expects the deals to generate $5 million revenue over three years.

The first agreement is with Spain's leading mobile provider Telefonica Moviles Espana, which has 15.6 million subscribers.

TME is launching m-Wise's e-commerce and content applications, enabling subscribers to order tickets for sports and cultural events, interact with cellular message boards, and download icons and ring tones for mobile phones. TME is a subsidiary of Telefoniza Moviles (NYSE:TEM), which boasts a market cap of $31 billion.

M-Wise also signed an strategic alliance with Airtel, a subsidiary of Vodafone (NYSE, LSE:VOD). Airtel has seven million subscribers in Spain.

The third contract is with Amena, Spain¿s third biggest cellular provider, with 4.5 million subscribers.

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The Fantine group advised m-Wise on all three transactions. Fantine VP Jacky Abitbol, who is in charge of the Spanish desk, said that the three contracts are based mainly on a revenue-sharing model. The Israeli company will get royalties from the Spanish firms when subscribers use m-Wise's enhanced services.

M-Wise also signed an alliance with Spain's biggest sports club, Real Madrid, which has 70,000 members. In two weeks all three Spanish cellular providers will launch the m-Wise services, which enable their subscribers to track Real Madrid soccer games. Phone users will also be able to order tickets for matches. In the future they can also download voice messages of the club's football stars to their phones.

Abitbol said that m-Wise is currently negotiating similar alliances with a Barcelona soccer club, and with leading Spanish papers such as El Pais, El Mondo, and the football paper Marca, which has 400,000 subscribers.

m-Wise was founded in 2000 by chairman and CTO Mati Broudo, and CEO Shay Ben-Asulin. In February this year the company secured $6 million from the European investment firm Syntek Capital, Discount Investments, and CAP Ventures.

The Ra'anana-based company provides technology for mobile e-commerce and interactive applications for the cellular markets, including billing and information services.

m-Wise is allied with European cellular providers and providers of end-user solutions focusing on advertising and entertainment.

Among its customers are Vodafone (NYSE, LSE:VOD), United Airlines, Fox Kids, Intel (Nasdaq:INTC), Dell Computer Corporation (Nasdaq:DELL), Pepsi, ITV (which uses m-Wise¿s messaging technology on its Survivor show), and First Choice Holidays.