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M-Systems (Nasdaq:FLSH) today announced it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit in a United States federal District Court against JMTek LLC and one of its distributors, asserting that JMTek's "USB Drive" products unlawfully incorporate M-Systems' patented technology.

M-Systems wants damages and an injunction to stop JMTek from selling the products that allegedly incorporate M-Systems' Disk-On-Key technology.

"This is only the first step in implementing our strategy to confront companies that are infringing our patents," said Dov Moran, president and CEO of M-Systems. "We want everyone to know that we will vigorously protect our intellectual property from companies that illegally use our technology."

M-Systems develops memories using flash technology. Disk-On-Key is a mobile storage device the size of a key-holder that fits any USB port in any computer.

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