Low November CPI, Arafat appeal to halt terrorism ease TASE up

Teva rose on news of FDA approval for new revenue generating drug
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Leading indices closed up 1% on flimsy total turnover of NIS 196 million.

The Maof-25 closed up 1.3% and the TA-100 gained 1.1%. Tel-Tech shares lost 0.4%.

Teva Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:TEVA) rose 4.6% on NIS 26 million turnover, the highest on the floor. The share has recovered in the last few days on the company's own expectations to meet Q4 forecasts. Investec analyst Kobby Finkelstein¿s prediction of an upcoming approval of a generic drug that could generate $200 million in revenue, also boosted the stock.

On the other hand, Nice Systems (Nasdaq:NICE) lost 6.3% on NIS 10 million turnover. Nice closed with a negative 4.8% arbitrage gap. Green Venture Capital plummeted, losing 14.9% to NIS 3 on an NIS 3.5 million turnover. The stock dropped today, its ex-rights date, below its ex-rights price, set at NIS 3.78.