Low Nov CPI pushes Tel Aviv stocks up mid-session Sunday

Teva is boosted by positive 2.8% closing arbitrage gap
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The Maof-25 is up 1.7% and the TA-100 is climbing 1.4%. Tel-Tech shares are slipping 0.4%.

A Meitav analyst says the CPI 0.6% drop, double the 0.3% expected, is helping Tel Aviv investors get past the Nasdaq weekend unscathed. The low CPI, investors are hoping, will lead Bank Of Israel governor to an additional interest rate cut.

Arbitrage gaps for dual-listed stocks are mixed.

Nice Systems (Nasdaq:NICE) is losing 5.1% NIS 1.5 million turnover. Nice closed with a negative 4.8% arbitrage gap.

Teva Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:TEVA) is rising 3.7% on NIS 4.5 million turnover, the highest on the floor. A positive 2.8% closing arbitrage gap is encouraging the rise. The share has recovered in the last few days on the company's own expectations to meet Q4 forecasts. Bank shares, having suffered a negative trend Thursday, are recovering. Bank Leumi is rising 1.8%, Hapoalim is up 1%, and Israel Discount Bank is climbing 0.1%.

Mizrahi Bank is recovering from its negative Thursday momentum when it lost 1.7%. It is now climbing 0.1%. Last Wednesday Investec Bank advised investors to take advantage of the share¿s positive momentum, with Citibank's possible investment in the bank.

Green Venture Capital is plummeting, losing 13.5% to NIS 3.1 on an NIS 2.5 million turnover. The stock is dropping today, its ex-rights date, below its ex-rights price of NIS 3.78. The rights are now trading at NIS 5 on NIS 300,000 turnover.