Optical startup


is about to complete a $50 million financing round, reports the hi-tech information company Dolev & Abramovich Hi-Tech Information. D&A reports that the company achieved a value of $250 million for the round.

Investors include American investment bank

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

, the venture capital arm of

US Bancorp Piper Jaffray

, and

GE Equity

of the

General Electric

(NYSE:GE) group.

Lasercomm makes photonic components for advanced optical networks. Its products are used to increase bandwidth, improve reliability and decrease the cost of services provided by communications providers.

In April this year, Lasercomm made Red Herring's Top 100 list together with

Check Point Software Technologies



, and

Mellanox Technologies


Lasercomm was founded in 1998 by CEO Eduardo Shoval, previously of


(Nasdaq:OBAS) and

Accord Networks

(Nasdaq:ACCD), and by CTO Yochay Danzinger.

Previous investors include

Giza GE Venture Fund


CIBC Oppenheimer


Cedar Fund


Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

, GE Equity, and

Wit SoundView