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LOS ANGELES -- Touch phones abound and Motorola's (MOT) answer is the new Krave.

For starters, this touch-screen phone has a flip cover that acts as a protective layer over the LCD screen. For anyone who has scratched their iPhone, this is a real plus.

Also, Gadget Grrl talks about an alarm that could be very useful if you use your laptop in libraries, airports and coffee shops -- especially if you have a tendency to step away for a few. It's a free download that will sound off if anyone tries to take your laptop. More about that later.

First up is the touch phone.

Motorola Krave Touchphone
$149 w/2 yr contract

The flip cover is more than just protection. Touch can also be done through the flip cover, so that you don't have to open it to access media and many of the buttons.

This is truly a touch phone, in that when you touch the screen and press on a button, you will feel it, which is helpful, and time-saving, since you don't have to wonder whether you pressed the right button.

The headphone jacks on the side are standard, so you can plug in premium headphones and earbuds instead of some cheap ones.

The speakers are far superior to most cell phones or touchphones out there and could easily be used to listen to a movie in your hotel room.

On that note, the LCD is also quite nice, bright and works both vertically and horizontally. Media on this device played extremely well, and it also has a built-in2.0 digital camera that zooms (not all cell phone cameras zoom).

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, the $149 price is with a 2 year contract and includes a $50 rebate.

Laptop Alarm

This is kind of quirky but could be very useful for those of you who do a lot of research in public libraries, or if you have a tendency to step away from your laptop. This free download will sound an alarm if anyone tries to take your laptop.

It even sounds off if someone is trying to unplug one of your devices (like an iPod or camera), or if someone moves the mouse. This could also be very useful in airports or at the local java joint.

I liked the fact that it's free and it's a tiny download of 200kb. Works on Windows.

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