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The Maof-25 index of blue chips closed up by 0.6% today to 432.30 points, after rising 1% at midday. That completes a monthly rise of the Maof-25 index of 10.5%.

The TA-100 index finished up 0.43% to 418.93 points, while the Tel-Tech rose 1.63% to 286.60 points. Total turnover was high at NIS 424 million. Koor (Nasdaq:KOR) shares were today's stars, rising 9.3% on a turnover of NIS 27 million. As far as is known, most of those purchasing Koor's shares today were large institutions.

Bank Hapoalim still attracted the liveliest turnover on the floor. It ended down 1.1%, on a turnover of NIS 45.5 million. This comes after the press reported a massive drop in the value of ECI Telecom (Nasdaq:ECIL). The connection is that the Koor Industries conglomerate controls ECI, and Bank Hapoalim owns a 20% stake in Koor. Massive write-offs by Koor in respect to ECI will sting Bank Hapoalim badly.

Bank Leumi's stock also dropped 0.3%, but Bank Mizrahi rose 3.7%.

IDB group shares rose, after having reversed a negative morning trend. The press yesterday reported that the group would be merging Clal Electronics with Clal Industries. This morning the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reported that the group will also be selling its interest in real estate company Azorim, according to a company value of $350 million.

IDB Development finished up 1.9% after a morning dip of 1%. IDB Holding Corp, in which Eliezer Fishman announced obtaining a 5.07% interest, closed up by 2.8%. Clal Industries jumped 4.5%, and Clal Electronics climbed 4.9%. Discount Investments closed up 1.85%.

Today's losers include Teva Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:TEVA), which closed down 1.4% and Salt Industries which fell 1.2% after the Israel Land Authority yesterday announced it will not honor an accord signed in 1996 to rezone land on which the company's facilities are located in Atlit and Eilat. These lands served as collateral to secure loans Bank Leumi granted to Salt Industries to buy its share of the controlling interest in Bank Hapoalim

Elbit Systems (Nasdaq:ESLTF) closed down by 0.2% after a Buy rating from Mizrahi Bank.