, a personnel recruiting company, is reporting more than 520 new jobs on its website since December 2001, 120 of which were placed there in 2002.

Ofra Afgin-Hadad, manager of companies and candidates in the company, says the high number of new positions is evident after a long dry spell, in which companies were recruiting on a job-specific basis. The new trend, she says, is reflective of a beginning of a recovery process.

Most of the recruitments, says Afgin-Hadad, are by large and mid-sized communication, hardware, software and medical equipment companies.

Jobinfo is also reporting a hiring trend of highly paid top executives such as project managers, system analysts and software and hardware engineers.

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According to Afgin-Hadad, because of the large supply of highly qualified, experienced workers, the hiring process takes a very long time, sometimes as much a month and a half from the day of the interview.