Consolidation is coming.

The bull market and the booming economy have given rise to countless innovative tech firms and lit fires under the shares of many newly public companies. But ultimately many of these will merely serve as bait for larger rivals.

This means investors trying to stay ahead of the market will need to ask which industries, and which companies, could see a competitive shakeout in the coming months. With that in mind,

will explore the sectors and companies that investors expect to be involved in M&A activity.

Friday, March 3

Shopping Around

Coming Soon to Your Local E-Commerce Site: Consolidation

The sector is certain to shake out as weaker players, and there are many, look for partners.

Tuesday, Feb. 29

Online Ads

24/7 Buy Gives Online Ad-Sellers a Shove Toward Consolidation

The industry is expected to shake out in a big way in coming months.

Thursday, Feb. 17

Online Direct Mail

Consolidation Beckons for Online Direct-Mail Firms, but Buyers Are Unclear

Just how important an overall Web strategy is to these firms is a matter of debate.

Thursday, Feb. 10

European Consolidation

Next Wave of Euro Takeovers Could See More Leveraged Buyouts

TST Recommends

Changing attitudes and tax rules in German likely to help alter nature of takeovers in that country.

Monday, Feb. 7

Nothing but Net

A Monday Full of Mergers Buoys Net Sector

The Internet sector was moving higher as "Merger Mania" sweeps the Net.

Thursday, Feb. 3

The Interconnecting Internet

Surging Web Software Market Presages New Mergers

Old-guard and upstart software developers are chasing after key parts of the full-service puzzle.

A Linux Debate

VA Linux's Share Price Retreats as Investors Debate Move Into Content

The company pitches its $1 billion buy of as making it a Yahoo! for developers.

A Linux Look

Linux Deal May Be an Early Tell for Broader Tech Consolidation

More and more, tech firms are using M&A as a form of R&D.

Wednesday, Feb. 2

Online Promotions

Online Promotion Business Promises a Jackpot, but Ticket Appears Pricey

The stocks have risen strongly over the last year and appear unlikely to fetch steep premiums in any deals.