Israeli router developer

Charlotte's Web Networks

today announced that it has been rated third in a core router test held by optical networking site

Light Reading

and independent benchmarking services organization

Network Test


In first place was

Juniper Networks

(Nasdaq:JNPR), second was

Cisco Systems


Charlotte's Web Networks' CEO Eli Stein expressed his immense pleasure that the company had participated in the first core router test. The company was the youngest contender and the only startup. Charlotte's Web Networks began its activities two and a half years after Juniper and 15 years after Cisco, and is growing quickly.

This is the first comparison test that Light Reading has held among router makers. The magazine says the test aimed to show once and for all which company makes the best core routers. It was the first time that Cisco agreed to have its system tested publicly. Juniper beat Cisco in three out of the four main categories.