Sustained Israeli technological innovation is crucial to the global economy, says the

GIGA Information Group


"Organizations throughout the world, and to a great extent the US national infrastructure, would not survive for long without the continued technological innovation of Israel," says Steve Hunt, vice president and a research leader at the international research and consulting firm GIGA Information Group.

Giga Information Group is a global information technology advisory providing research, advice and consulting to organizations and governments.

Speaking at a conference for large organizations and venture capital funds, Hunt was asked for his opinion on the future of Israeli security technology.

"Israel has the dual influence of its technologies being superior innovations, meeting the newest technical threats with the most elegant and creative technical solutions, and its innovators setting the bar very high for technologists around the world," he said. "In other words, the products coming from Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Asia and North America are better because of the example set by Israel."

Israel is responsible for much of the total technology available in each of four Internet security categories. One is authorization (firewalls, antivirus, encryption, proxies, resource access control), for which Israel is responsible for 30% of the total technology available.

In the second category, administration (user management, device management, provisioning), Israel is responsible for 20%.

The other categories are authentication (passwords, tokens, certificates, single sign-on) and audit (log consolidation, log filtering, reporting, intrusion detection). Israel is responsible for 5% of the total technology available in each of these categories, Hunt said.

He called on investors to continue "to support Israeli innovation aggressively". Creative Israeli solutions and procurement by governments will create a cycle that keeps organizations prepared for the newest attacks, he said.

Founded in 1996, Giga is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.