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iPhone 4, DirecTV; Google Hot Trends

'Direct TV customer service' is one of the hottest search terms on Google Tuesday, as DirecTV's HD DVR service update Monday ended up disrupting services.
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(Google trends story updated with DirecTV news.)
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- "Direct TV customer service" has been one of the hottest search terms on Google Tuesday, as a DirecTV (DTV) carried out an HD DVR service update Monday that ended up disrupting services instead.

DirecTV's customer support line has reportedly been experiencing greater-than-average call volume, as customers complained of their services being down."My HD receiver won't respond to my remote, and the buttons on the receiver are unresponsive," one customer complained on twitter.

DirecTV has been advising customers to unplug their units from the wall, wait for a bit, then replug them, if they haven't been powering on properly. Apparently, this advice hasn't been working, and frustrated customers are venting on twitter.

"I'm on my fourth hard restart now. Crossing fingers @directv," one customer said. "Hung-up on by a customer service representative manager?! Real professional directv," another customer said. DirecTV is reportedly asking customers to call them back later or email them, as it handled the large call volumes, leaving customers feeling like they were own their own.

This problem has been occurring in the wake of DirecTV's "Whole Home DVR Service" upgrade Monday, which, for an additional $3, allows customers to access their DirecTV DVR servers from any room in their home.

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iPhone 4 vs. Android EVO

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Earlier in the day on Tuesday, "iPhone 4 review" was also a trending topic on Google, a day after


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unveiled its next generation iPhone.

The iPhone 4 was officially unveiled at around 1:30 pm eastern time Monday at the Apple Conference 2010 in San Francisco Monday. Steve Jobs, in making the announcement, declared that "it's not like you haven't already seen this," to laughter in the audience, in reference to media leaks of the device's prototype.


tech reporter James Rogers, who was at the conference, says that the phone looked impressive. "I love the metallic redesign," he said. Rogers declared that the new launch levels the playing field between the Android and iPhone.

Still, Rogers doesn't think the new phone's a homerun for Apple; it doesn't compare to the launch of the iPhone 3G or even the iPhone 3GS. The video camera, the video conference capabilities, he explained, are in some ways playing "catch-up with Skype." He thinks that Apple is putting stuff out there that's already out the market.

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-- Reported by Andrea Tse in New York

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