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iPad: 10 Burning Questions

TheStreet fields some of the most pressing questions buzzing around this weekend's arrival of the Apple iPad.



) -- Fans and skeptics have been more than a little curious about the iPad as


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launch date approaches Saturday. Here are 10 of the most pressing questions we've fielded.

1. How will the iPad debut impact Apple's stock?

Sell some now, during the pre-game hype? Or add more during the post-game hangover? Those are the big questions on the Street. Every Apple event that has occurred since the curtain lifted on the first iPhone has been preceded by an upswing in the stock and followed by a slight drop. There's no reason to think that the pattern will change.

The bigger pattern, of course is that Apple shares have continued to rise for the past, oh, year, pick. But as some "

sell Apple

" types argue, the stock will one day run out of gas, and a lot may ride on the popularity and wide acceptance of the iPad after the initial excitement.

2. Will the iPad suck?

Good question. As an e-reader tablet -- probably not. As a laptop -- definitely. As a big iPhone -- yes. It will make your head look weirdly small when you put it to your ear.

3. Can I listen to Pandora while reading Facebook?

No, but maybe soon. The iPad runs on the same operating system as the iPhone. It's that same stingy one-app-at-a-time system that has been annoying would-be iPhone multitaskers for three years. The word, however, if you believe the fanboy blogs, is that the newest version of the iPhone software will include so-called

third-party multitasking

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4. Should I give the iPad as a gift?

Let's get to what you really mean: "Is my mom/dad, wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, life partner/significant other, spoiled kid, etc., really worthy of the iPad's awesomeness?" Best advice here is to use caution. Ask yourself if you'd be totally okay with a mom or kid that is suddenly way cooler than you...

The answer: It would be safer to go with the


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5. Will the iPad work on


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3G network?

No, but maybe soon. Apple named


(T) - Get AT&T Inc. Report

as the exclusive 3G wireless data provider when the iPad was introduced. This came as a big shock to those who had

uncovered plans for a Verizon iPad

. Here's the thing: Just as the notion of a

Verizon iPhone

has been kicking around for a year or more, so lurks the idea of a Verizon iPad.

Trusted sources close to both companies and their suppliers say prototypes of CDMA iPhones and iPads are still awaiting approval. The holdup continues to be an issue between

Apple and Verizon


6. Will the iPad change everything?

Totally. Take media, for example. Remember when people stopped buying papers and magazines because they could read everything for free online? That's all over now. Done. From this moment forward, people will buy Apple subscriptions to read

Vanity Fair


USA Today

again. And by the way, all the advertising that dried up and blew away with the death of print pages? Well, it will be back in a rich, gesture-friendly click-through format on the iPad. And that's just one industry saved.

7. Will the iPad shatter into a thousand pieces if I drop it?

Have you ever dropped a lightbulb? It wouldn't be quite as devastating as that, but it wouldn't be pretty. The iPad is 13-millimeters thick with a 9.7-inch glass screen. The laws of physics suggest that if you merely pick it up wrong, your fat thumb will start a crack that spreads in an intricate spider web pattern across the whole display. But rest assured, Apple is offering a two-year $100 protection plan if you anticipate trouble. Phew!

8. When will the iPad reach the 1 million sold mark?

Saturday, if not sooner. The

iPad killed it in pre-orders

. But unlike personal fortunes, it's the


million that's the hardest.

9. Will the iPad be a flop?

The answer here, for more than a year, has been yes. Not because it isn't cool or beautifully conceived or studiously designed. But because it begs people already lugging around smartphones and laptops to add a third device that does exactly the same stuff. Sure, this is America and the iPad is a precious accessory to our sexy-rich lives, but in the end? It's just another trendy, impractical gadget.

10. But will the iPad make me hotter?

Yes, scorching hot. But you could spoil it if you get totally obvious about it. The iPad marks you as a person of superior taste. You are deep, mysterious and interesting on so very many levels. That's why you must fight your impulse to run to


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, spread out your iPad at that prime central table and go to town on


or Manic Marble 2. That's so wrong.

Listen, as a new iPad owner, you are certifiably hot at this point -- why blow it? Your fortunes have turned. Now you are in command. Man or Woman of Mystery, you will allow only the right person to peel back each layer of your infinite attraction. But here's the thing. Don't take too long to make your move. In 20 minutes, there will be three other people in there doing the same thing.

--Written by Scott Moritz in New York



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