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revised its first-quarter per-share earnings fractionally higher due to a tax adjustment recorded after the world's largest chipmaker publicly announced its results, the company stated Wednesday.

Intel said its first-quarter earnings now round to 35 cents a share due to the $24 million tax adjustment. On April 19, Intel

reported net income of $2.2 billion, or 34.3 cents a share, on sales of $9.4 billion.

Intel made the disclosure in its quarterly report filed with the

Securities and Exchange Commission


Intel also, as expected, disclosed sales by business unit for the first time since its reorganization in January.

Intel's digital enterprise group recorded first-quarter sales of $6.36 billion and an operating profit of $2.36 billion. The mobility segment posted sales of $3 billion and an operating profit of $1.1 billion. Its "other" segment, which includes chips and related technologies used in consumer electronics products, tallied sales of $62 million and an operating loss of $432 million.