(Nasdaq:INTC) has invested in the $3.5 million seed financing round of Tel Aviv-based startup



Intel, which invested only a few hundreds of thousands of dollars, got the same terms as the other investors. These included


and the investment arm of

Koor Industries


Koor Corporate Venture Capital


WanWall develops tools to protect wide area networks and improve their efficiency by managing extreme network overloads.

The first generation of products will focus on repelling denial of service attacks.

WanWall CEO Yuval Rachmilevich says the investment will help WanWall to expedite its product launch, especially since denial of service attacks are intensifying.

WanWall was founded in December 2000 by CTO Yehuda Afek, System Architect Dan Touito, Chief Scientist Anat Bremler-Barr, and Yuval Rachmilevich.