The dual-core jockeying appears to be over,




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said Friday that it will make its dual-core chips for desktop PCs available Monday, and

Advanced Micro Devices

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affirmed Thursday as the launch for its version for servers.

There won't be any first- or second-place ribbons handed out in this back and forth, which really heated up once the date of AMD's launch

leaked out last week. Reports then surfaced that Intel was ready with its launch, too.

The victory is symbolic, but the marketing departments of the two companies have been working overtime to claim an edge. Both companies have officially confirmed their launch dates, but maybe another turn or two is possible this weekend.

Intel is making the launch coincide with the 40th anniversary of

Moore's Law, and AMD is tying its chip debut to the second anniversary of its 64-bit Opteron processor.

Intel will launch dual-core Pentium Extreme Edition chips with systems from


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, Alienware and a couple of other companies. Its first dual-core systems will target gamers.

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based AMD will launch its dual-core Opteron chips with

Sun Microsystems

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in its corner.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel plans on rolling out dual-core products for laptops and servers this year as well. AMD, not to be left out, plans on demonstrating Thursday its dual-core wares for laptops and desktop PCs.