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this week will begin rolling out some initial products and services for cloud computing, the

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Cloud computing -- in which information and processing resources can be tapped from afar, over the Internet, using a personal computer, cellphone or other device -- has the potential, analysts say, to cut the costs and complexity of technology for companies and government agencies, the



Many big companies and government agencies have been reluctant to go for cloud computing because of security and reliability concerns.



reports IBM's cloud offerings will be meant for specific computing chores. Just as


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runs a computing cloud optimized for Internet search, IBM will make bespoke clouds for computing workloads in business.

Its early cloud entries, to be announced on Monday, follow that model, the


reports. One set of offerings is focused on streamlining the technology used by corporate software developers and testers, while the second set is virtual desktop services, in which personal computer software is run on remote servers and piped to simple desktop machines equipped with screens and keyboards.

IBM found in tests with clients that such virtual PCs can use 70% less power than conventional PCs and reduce technical support costs by up to 40%, the