Hydro-Quebec buying $2.5m worth of RAD Data access equipment

Canadian power company will use systems to create intracompany advanced communications
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RAD Data Communications is selling $2.5 million worth of communications equipment to Canada's Hydro Quebec, a leading North American power company.

RAD said that the equipment, to be provided over a three-year period, includes an access solution for optical networks belonging to RAD's Megaplex, Kilomux and DXC families of products.

Hydro will be using the RAD system to upgrade upgrading its 300-site communications network.

RAD said that its technology will enable Hydro to integrate advanced applications into its communication network, such as automated data systems and Internet communications with its power stations and remote offices.

Hydro provides almost all of Quebec's poower needs. The company has 3.5 million customers, and provides electricity to 13,000 companies. Hydro sells about 15% of its 175 billion kilowatt capacity to the United States and to other regions in Canada.

Hydro's sales in 1999 came to $5 billion.

RAD, established in 1981, is owned by brothers Yehuda and Zohar Zisapel. It makes data and telecom communications access equipment.