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Hostile hackers invade Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade website

Website returned to cyberspace after a few hours

The Ministry of Industry and Trade today announced that its recently revamped website has been invaded by hostile hackers. The hackers garbed the site with anti-Israeli slogans and phrases in support of Palestinian supremacy.

The website, with the URL, Was recently extensively upgraded. It proffers up-to-date information on support tools and services the ministry offers to the business sector and to consumers. It also offers information in Arabic.

Ministry of Industry and Trade computer unit chief Lea Levit said the breach was discovered this morning. Levit added that computer experts said the breach was sophisticated. Ministry technicians today shut down the website for testing. Levit said no damage was done to the website, which has already resumed normal operations.

Ministry of Industry and Trade Internet forum chairman Doron Avrahami said that hacker attacks on Israeli government websites have become common. He added that the ministry takes all possible precautions, including use of advanced technologies.

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