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Here's What Social Media Had to Say About Apple's New Products

From the brief Spotify outage to a Big Mac reference and lots more that happened real time during the #AppleEvent.

Social media is where much of the world weighs in these days, and how much Apple  (AAPL)  events matter is on full display this week.

Often, the social media memes that stack up give a real-time sense of which iPhones, iPads and MacBooks people are going to be queueing up for in physical stores or will be preordered the fastest online.

With Apple's first online product launch for the year, "Peek Performance" also lent itself to some funky reactions.

Here's one tweet that captured the overall vibe after the event.

From the all-new Mac Studio to the M1 Ultra chip, to the new and improved iPad Air and the low cost budget iPhone SE, there was something for everyone to talk about.

Youtube star Tyler Stalman raved about the capabilities of the new iPhone SE.

Queries about preorders have already started doing the rounds.

Another Twitter user remarked that the timing of the Mac Studio was "perfect." The Mac Studio is a personal computer that runs on Apple's newest processors.

There was also a McDonald's  (MCD) Big Mac reference, with some wordplay between the Mac Studio and the iconic hamburger.

Another user lauded the new iPad Air which has an advanced front-facing camera.

Another blogger on Twitter remarked that Apple's latest slate of products will be conducive for a longer shelf life even though the company has been criticized for updating its software frequently and rendering older models obsolete or in some instances less productive.

One Twitter user mocked chipmaker Intel  (INTC) , as Apple introduced its most powerful in-house chip yet. 

Apple kicked off a project to use homegrown processors within its Macs rather than Intel's in 2020, which marked an end to its 15-year alliance with the company.

Even as Apple launched its lowest priced iPhone since 2018, some users still responded with pricing concerns.

Another user cheered the new green color for the iPhone 13 Pro. Apple's standard issue color palette did not have a green option before this, and more colors seemed to be a good things for critics.

But once Apple watchers realized they couldn't stream music on Apple Music rival Spotify  (SPOT) , the outage managed to grab attention during the live event and became fodder for some jokes.

The internet also enjoyed a new Twitter "like" button that changed to a kaleidoscope of the same colors as depicted in the new multicolored Apple logo.