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Harmony 1000: The Ultimate Remote Control

Eliminate several hard-to-track remotes -- and cut back on batteries -- by using this smart one.
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LOS ANGELES -- When you spend a great deal of time on the road, the last things you want to mess with in your home are a bunch of remote controls. The Harmony 1000 may be the remote control to end all remote controls. Why? Because it can control all your devices -- from entertainment units to lights and appliances. With this product, Gadget Grrl says she was able to "eliminate six remote controls, saving a ton ofbatteries." Next up, the TuneStudio is great for wannabe stars. It is a four-channel audio mixer that let's you create recordings on your iPod. It could also be used to record group discussions at a conference for a business write-off.

Harmony 1000

I've always hated the tiny buttons on standard remote controls. The Harmony 1000has a touchpad with "activities" on it. So, if you want to watch a DVD it will start upthe receiver and the TV and press all the necessary buttons in order to allow you to watcha DVD. The "help" feature on this remote control is great.

If you are having trouble thehelp feature will guide you until the problem is fixed, using prompts like, "is the TV on?" and "did that fix the problem?" It's sort of like having a tech assistant right there with you. The LCD screen is easy to read at a glance, as are all the buttons.

Of note here is that you'll have to make sure that while you are holding this horizontalremote, you are not blocking the signal, which is easy once you get the hang of it.

Also of note is that when used with most Blu-Ray DVD players, there is a delay in response time. This is not a problem with the Harmony 1000, this is specificallyan issue that some of the Blu-Ray DVD players have with any remote control. The delay in response time should be worked out by early next year.

The Harmony 1000 works especially well with the Logitech Squeezebox, enabling you tolisten to Internet radio, international stations and/or your own music library. After setting up this device, I was able to eliminate six remote controls, saving a ton ofbatteries. And I no longer have the frustration of searching all over the place for each remote control.


It seems like everyday there is another, new device that can be plugged into an iPod.But the TuneStudio is truly unique, especially if you want to be creative.

More and more manufacturers are jumping on the music-making bandwagon and this isone of the latest to be released.

The TuneStudio is a four-channel audio mixer that lets you create recordings right on toyour iPod. The four-channels mean that you can plug up to four different instruments into the mixer at a time.

If you happen to be in a band, this is a very portable way to record jam sessions for playback later.

Or, if you are looking for a way to pick this up as a business write off, it could also be used to record panel discussion groups at a conference or tradeshow.

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