Hapoalim predicts Elbit Systems will post Q3 revenue and profit rise

Analyst says U.S. terror attacks have not taken a toll on the share
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Elbit Systems (Nasdaq:ESLT) is expected to post its Q3 results next Tuesday. Analyst Moshe Moshkovitz of Bank Hapoalim has meanwhile published a forecast, predicting growth in revenue and profits, excluding one-time events, compared with the same quarter last year.

Moshkovitz reiterated his Buy rating for the company at an NIS 80 price target.

Q3 of last year was the first time the company consolidated its reports with El-Op, which led to a one-time revenue spurt - and to high one time expenses.

Moshkovitz estimates the company's quarterly revenues will total $190 million, up $23 million from the same quarter last year. This estimate is led by Bank Hapoalim's assumption that recent events have not affected the company's revenues.

Elbit Systems' profit margins will continue to improve this quarter thanks to structural reforms in late 2000, and to the synergy with El-Op, Moshkovitz estimates.

Moshkovitz estimates the company's net at $11 million compared with $8.6 million in the comparable quarter last year.