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While many have already taken their dog-and-pony shows to at least one investment conference this year, Hambrecht & Quist's planet.wall.street's theme, called "Portfolio 2000," is something a little different than its predecessors. The new year may be less than 10 months away, but for some Internet investors, next week is considered a long-term investment.

Running from March 1-3 at the Cliff Lodge in Snowbird, Utah, the H&Q conference is a forum for public and privately held Internet companies and will include virgins such as




-- H&Q is one of the underwriters for its upcoming IPO -- and




H&Q hopes that its mix of big-name public Internet companies and new faces -- both public and private -- will set it apart from the herd of other recent conferences, while attendees are looking for answers to unanswered questions, like what's up with the proposed merger of

USA Networks

(USAI) - Get Report





Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch


. A Monday morning panel will host



CEO David Wetherell and Lycos CEO Bob Davis, among others.

Tune in to


's coverage over the three-day event.

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