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H-P, Dell Feeling Netbook Love: Survey

The netbook craze, led by H-P, Samsung, and LG, shows no signs of abating, according to recent research from



) -- The

netbook craze shows no signs of slowing down

, according to the latest research from comparison shopping site

, which predicts that the number of mini-laptop users could almost double this year.

Netbooks are enjoying the spotlight this week thanks to the Mobile World Congress tradeshow in Barcelona, which reportedly saw


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demo its eagerly-awaited Compaq Airlife 100 device. Also at the event,


launched what it describes as

the world's first LTE netbook



also showed off its

LG X 120 netbook


3G LG-X120 Netbook

With tech heavyweights such as H-P and


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ramping up

mini-laptop efforts

, more and more consumers are switching to netbooks, says

The percentage of online consumers who own a netbook has leapt to 15% from 10% last year, it said. And another 11% of consumers surveyed by plan to buy a netbook this year.

While the netbook love rush is great for makers like H-P and Dell, it also

spells good news for chip specialists

such as


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ARM Holdings




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The comparison shopping site surveyed 1,680 U.S. online consumers in January and compared the findings to a similar study performed last year that polled 1,545 consumers.

The survey also found that netbooks are more of a complement -- rather than a replacement -- for laptops. Some 55% of consumers surveyed did not consider netbooks a feasible replacement for their laptop, and 63% said that a netbook is best described as "an additional device while on the go."

The advent of netbooks, however, is forcing down laptop prices, according to, which says that the average laptop price dropped to $645 in December 2009 from $808 in December 2008.


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, which has so far shunned netbook technology,

has also shifted the dynamics of the laptop market with the recent launch of its iPad

tablet. A stripped-down version of the iPad is available for $500, with 3G versions starting at $630 and going up to $830.

-- Reported by James Rogers in New York


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