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Mountain View, Calif. (TheStreet) -- Google (GOOG) - Get Report has lined up a big New Year's resolution with the January 5 introduction of its own Android phone.

Google is expected to unveil the

Nexus One

phone next week at a press conference at its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. In its announcement, Google called the Android mobile operating system "a powerful, open platform."

Until now, Google has been happy to leave the development of Android phones in the hands of phone makers that, in turn, modify the devices to the whims of telcos. "That," says Google in its press event invite, is "just the beginning of what's possible."



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, Google is going its own way in defiance of the telco status quo. The firm has been working with phone maker HTC on a Google-branded smartphone that the company will sell directly to consumers.

The Nexus One introduction will come just two days before the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the huge industry event where a number of mobile phone players will trumpet their newest gadgets.

The Google phone, which is expected to run on

Deutsche Telekom's

(DT) - Get Report

T-Mobile network, will likely feature an array of Google applications that telcos may have shunned to protect their own interests.

For example, it's reasonable to expect that Google will include applications like Google Voice, a Skype-like Internet calling service that bypasses phone networks. Other software applications like Google Books and a premium YouTube service would also give Google an e-reader/mobile media device that could rival


(T) - Get Report


(AAPL) - Get Report

iPhone and



Droid phone at


(VZ) - Get Report


For more than two years, Google has vowed that its wireless aim was to give consumers an open-developed, full-featured mobile Internet device. To analysts and investors, this move has great potential for Google, which stands to be paid back handsomely in the form of new mobile search ad revenue.

-- reported by Scott Moritz in New York