Google Suffers Hour-Long Service Disruption - TheStreet

Shares of Google parent Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) - Get Report rose slightly on Tuesday, one day after an hour-long service disruption that routed the search engine's IP address away from the normal paths to Nigeria, China and Russia.

Google's search, cloud hosting and business tools were among the services disrupted. Google has said that it does not believe the disruption was malicious.

The trouble began Monday when a carrier in Lagos, Nigeria, improperly declared its own system as the correct route to several hundred IP prefixes belonging to Google. China Telecom accepted the route and declared it worldwide.

Russia's Transtelecom and other large ISP services picked up on this and the Nigerian carrier made a second incorrect IP declaration that had a similar impact on Google partner Cloudflare's IP addresses.

The traffic misdirection reportedly can be used to spy on or steal data or divert it into an internet black hole, which China has been accused of doing. However, the problem can also come from misconfiguration.

Google and Cloudflare haven't responded to requests for comment.