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Google, Microsoft Square Off on Netbooks

H-P is considering Google's Android OS for its new crop of netbooks.

Updated from March 31.



is considering



Android operating system to power some of its netbooks.

"We are indeed studying it," said an H-P representative. The development had been reported earlier in

The Wall Street Journal


The move would be a big win for Google in the growing netbook segment and would also serve to further loosen



grip on yet another new product area. The news comes just months after



announced it was

building all its new smartphones

with Android operating systems this year.

Microsoft's Windows XP had previously battled exclusively with Linux for installation in netbooks.

Netbooks are stripped down laptops that generally sell for under $400. In a recent check, nine out of the top 10 computers sold on Amazon's bestseller list were netbooks.

The growth of netbooks has attracted



to the game. The Mac maker is reported working on a

touchscreen version

of the device.