With its IPO reportedly fast approaching,


outlined details Wednesday of a previously proposed rescission offer. At a cost of up to $25.9 million, the Mountain View, Calif., search-engine firm will repurchase 23.2 million shares of common stock and 5.6 million options from current and former employees and consultants.

In its latest filing with the

Securities and Exchange Commission

, Google said it is offering to repurchase the common stock at the price paid by the people who purchased the shares, which ranged from 30 cents to $80 per share. The repurchase price for options would be 20% of the exercise price per share. In addition, Google will pay interest from the date the shares or options were bought or granted to the date the rescission offer expires.

The latest filing comes a day before Google's road show in San Francisco.

The Wall Street Journal

reported the company could go public as early as Tuesday.

If all those qualified for the offer accept it, the rescission will cost Google a total of $25.9 million. However, the company said that one officer who holds nearly 53,000 shares of common stock and one so-called 5% stockholder with more than 1 million shares intend to reject the rescission offer.

The offer, which Google disclosed in less detail in previous regulatory filings, covers certain stock and option issuances between September 2001 and June 2004 that were not registered under federal securities laws or were not qualified under state laws. Consequently, they may have been issued in violation of federal or state securities laws and subject to rescission, according to Google.