NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- After many requests and a little inspiration from some beloved animated characters, one inventor and YouTuber created the ultimate wake up call: a high voltage ejector bed.

British inventor Colin Furze is known for his strange creations, but this one verges right on the edge of crazy practicality. The high voltage ejector bed, which Furze built and designed in his shed, features homemade pistons that lift the bed up forcing its drowsy inhabitant out.

"It's quite a force that it goes up with," Furze said in a phone conversation. "You do feel that initial impact of when it goes up, and you can't stop it. It chucks you out no matter what."

Furze said the bed took about two weeks to make and is inspired by the Wallace and Gromit series. 

Furze said he has no plans to market his ejector bed, instead it will just have to entertain the more than 1.2 million subscribers who follow his channel. "I think I'm going to put it in spare room, so anyone trying to stay in Colin Furze's house better wake up on time," he said.

While he couldn't say what his favorite invention has been, Furze said he is noticing a trend with several of his videos involving morning routines, such as a knife that toasts bread as it cuts it and a pulse jet powered kettle.

He said once he can figure out a creative way to get dressed, he would have the full package and potentially even a great idea for an all-inclusive bed and breakfast.

As for his next video, Furze wouldn't give too much away, saying only he is planning on making one that includes an item from a video game that people have repeatedly asked him to make. So with a new YouTube video every week or two, followers will just have to wait with bated breath until Furze reveals what else he's cooked up in his garage.