Ford in talks to invest $1 million in Engines PdM - TheStreet

The world's second largest car maker Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is in talks to make a strategic investment of over $1 million in Be'er Sheva's Engines PdM founder Eran Sher told TheMarker.

Engines PdM (acronym for predictive maintenance) has developed a system for early detection and location of engine failure.

The agreement, which is expected to be signed within several weeks, marks the second phase in cooperation between the parties. It could include a financial investment designed to advance a joint development of an applications system tailored according to the parties' needs. In addition, the present agreement could include a future agreement for acquiring the system for the purpose of installing it in the automobile giant's new vehicle models.

Due to assistance from Ford Engines PdM is nearing the end of developing an advanced system that can identify the mechanical state of piston engines by analyzing engine vibration.

Meanwhile Engines PdM is poised to sign agreements with Israel's Armament Corps and the Navy. The company has already signed an agreement with the Intelligence Corps for installing engine-failure detection systems in pilotless planes.

The system operates similarly to a stethoscope. A sensor is attached to the engine, and based on the vibration of the engine the system instantly locates and detects a wide range of expected failures, such as a partially blocked petrol plunger, or cracked sealing rings.

Sher said that the unique development of predicted engine failure detection sends a warning to the driver and the engine control system. This allows the control system to adjust the engine activity to the new situation, until the car reaches a service station. The system can thus save the engine in the event the petrol injection system is blocked.