Fishman reducing position in IDB Holding Corporation - TheStreet

Leading businessman Eliezer Fishman spent some three months building up a position in IDB Holding Corporation, investing NIS 10.5 million and achieving a 5.6% stake. Now he is apparently reversing his position.

In the last ten days he has sold 63,000 IDB Holding Corporation shares at an average price of NIS 90.5, for NIS 5.7 million. The transactions were made through the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

The deals leave Fishman with 5.4% of the conglomerate's share capital, held personally and through his companies Jerusalem Economic Corporation, and Industrial Buildings.

The market value of the stake he retains is about NIS 190 million.

Incidentally, the IDB Holding Corporation shares are listed in the JEC and IB books at far beyond their market value.