The Finance Ministry is accusing the state-run phone company Bezeq of a misleading presentation relating to Bezeq's request to invest in Israeli startup Xpert, Hebrew news daily Ma'ariv reports.

The ministry claims that Bezeq did not disclose all of Xpert's fields of activity, and accordingly the investment must be rescinded.

Bezeq invested over $9 million in Xpert and today has a 16% interest in the systems integrator.

The paper reports that two months ago Yoel Naveh, deputy head of the Budget Division, sent a letter to the attorney general, the Communications Ministry, and the Government Companies Authority.

Naveh alleged that Bezeq withheld the fact that Xpert also deals with electronic signature.

The ministry does not allow Bezeq to enter new fields of activity before the communications market is open to competition. The ministry claims that Bezeq was not granted government approval to enter into the electronic signature sector.

The ministry yesterday declined to comment. Bezeq said that the ministry¿s claims are groundless.