FCC Cites Strong Broadband Growth

High-speed Internet connections rose 34% from a year ago in 2004.
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The broadband revolution is picking up steam.

The Federal Communications Commission said high-speed Internet connections increased 34% last year, putting a total of 38 million lines in service.

The agency said in Thursday's regular broadband report that growth in Net connections increased throughout 2004, with the first half showing a 15% year-over-year increase and the second-half pace picking up to 17%.

Digital subscriber line use jumped 45% from a year ago, while cable modem lines rose 30%. The news comes as the big telcos and cable companies fight to offer consumers fast Web access as part of the so-called triple threat of Internet, phone and TV service.

Growth in so-called advanced services was robust as well, showing a 42% increase from a year ago.

The report can be downloaded from the FCC-State Link Internet site at