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Fashion Formalwear

In a celebratory mood? It's time to buy some formalwear.
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The following is a transcript of " Traveling Avatar's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life," a podcast from The audio program is available via RSS feed here and at's podcast home page.

(Editor's note: You may need Second Life software installed on your computer to access the addresses below.)

Will Ross here, welcome to

The Traveling Avatar's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Better Second Life

. On this show we discuss tips and tricks for the game Second Life, created by Linden Labs.

Today's the final episode of The Traveling Avatar's Quick and Dirty Tips! More on that later. First, speaking of finales, it was the end of a year and the end of era... OK, era is too strong a word, but it's the end of something ... so with me being in a celebratory mood, it's time to do a show about buying formalwear for men and women.

First up,

Blaze. The Blaze Regal Tuxedo has been discussed on earlier shows but they have recently added to the line with The Columbia Tux for men and women. Also Blaze has vests and ties available for their Regal Tuxedo to match whatever color your escort for the evening is wearing, but sticking with a black tux with a white, black and silver vest and tie is the safest bet if you aren't sure what colors periwinkle or chartreuse are.

The women's selection of formals here is large and varied, from vintage to lingerie inspired gowns. They have a large selection of colors available, so there is hope that no one else would be in the same gown as you at the party you are attending. Demos of the tuxs and gowns are available for $1L, which is a good idea if you aren't sure a style will work with your avatar's shape.

Next we head over to

Adam 'n Eve. Adam 'n Eve has everything you need to outfit your avatar. They have hair, skin, shapes, jewelry and shoes for male and female avies, but we are here for the formals. For women, take the teleporter to Formal Gowns to see their selection of gowns that includes period pieces and some costumes if you have a theme party to attend. For the men, go to the Men's Wear section for tuxedos and costumes to match or complement the women's selection.

Finally check out

Rebel Hope. They have tuxedos, formal gowns and even a tiara store, which is one way to distract a princess or research assistant. Rebel Hope has several styles of men's tuxedos available and several color options, because we all know coordinating with your date is important unless you want to hear about it until their NEXT rez day. The women's selection here is large enough to satisfy your formalwear needs or wants. Oh, did I mention they have tiaras? They are transferable, if you had a princess in your life who needs one.

TheStreet Recommends

One last thing, shoes. Bare feet and tuxedos, while an interesting statement, do not work if you are trying to impress the ladies. Men's shoes can be hard to find, but if you head over to

Shiny Things there is a nice selection of mens shoes including oxfords, loafers, boots, and sandals. They have demos available, but remember you might need to shrink your feet to size zero to get them to fit properly. They also have a large selection of women's shoes, jewelry, and accessories. Otherwise, just wear sandals. I think I just heard a thousand fashionistas writhing in pain.

So yes, you heard me correctly that this is the very last episode of Traveling Avatar ever! There are a bunch of reasons for it but a lot of it has to do with time and content. After 30+ episodes I'm running out of good,


information to give you guys, and I would never, ever waste your time. But hold on for a second.... (20 seconds of something boring) OK, I'm back, as I was saying, I'd never waste your time, especially on second-rate shows.

The stuff I've been doing lately, talking about shopping mostly, is already being done better by shows like

The Second Style Style Cast and the

Second Life Fashion Police.

On top of that, I feel like it's time to move on to some work that's more personal to me. For the few of you that know, I came from shows like Smart Bomb Radio, Barfly, and Pickle Tales, and I really do miss fiction. So I'll only be off the air for as long as it takes to hammer out a story I think will entertain you folks, and then I'll be right back with ya in a form that will be a lot more compelling!

Meanwhile, I'll still be around stalking the underground of Second Life and snapping up every HP-Lovecraft-related item I can find. My in-game name is William Pitre (P-I-T-R-E) and the best place to catch up with me is at my friend's and my Cyber's t-shirt store "

Snark Attack." If nothing else, you can loot a bunch of one linden t-shirts, half of which have slogans from my own personal brain stem! And look for my next podcast to drop around Feb. 14th if you're into post-apocalyptic zombie fiction. You can check out the teasers as they come up by logging on at

So that's it. Have fun, fight the drama with apathy, and be nice to the noobies. They know not why they're nude.

Will Ross, a Second Life explorer and professional slacker, writes and records the

Traveling Avatar articles and podcasts. Following a stint in college where he came dangerously close to earning a degree in history, Will Ross spent countless hours of his life in a number of online worlds including Worlds of Warcraft, Everquest, Ultima Online, and City of Heroes before making a permanent home on Eldoe Island in Second Life. To request a topic or share a tip, send an email to or call 206-888-MYSL.