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Facebook (FB)  revealed that it plans on tightening rules surrounding its livestreaming feature to prevent users from utilizing it to broadcast acts of gun violence and other illegal acts.

Facebook said in a statement it was introducing a "one-strike" policy for use of its Facebook Live feature that will temporarily restrict access for people who have faced disciplinary action for breaking the company's most serious rules anywhere on its site.

First-time offenders will be suspended from using Live for set periods of time, the company said. It is also broadening the range of offenses that will qualify for one-strike suspensions.

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The company said it plans to extend the restrictions to other areas over coming weeks, beginning with preventing the same people from creating ads on Facebook.

The move comes as world leaders gather in Paris Wednesday to address curbing online violence in the aftermath of the Christchurch, New Zealand massacre in March, where a lone gunman killed 51 people at two mosques in the city while livestreaming the attacks on Facebook. It was New Zealand's worst peacetime shooting and spurred calls for tech companies to do more to combat extremism on their services.

Facebook also said it would fund research at three universities on techniques to detect manipulated media, which Facebook's systems struggled to spot in the aftermath of the attack.

Shares of Facebook were up 0.28% at $181.24 in early trading on Wednesday.