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Dual-listed shares mixed on sliding midday TASE

Makhteshim Agan A series bonds slipping 1.5% on NIS 9 million turnover

Leading TASE indices are down 1.6% on average on low NIS 80 million turnover midday Sunday. The TASE today is mirroring Wall Street, where on Thursday and Friday the Nasdaq dipped 0.7% while the Dow rose 0.6%.

The Maof-25 is down 1.6%, the TA-100 is dipping 1.36% and the Tel Tech is shedding 1.36%, the losses also due to political escalations since the weekend attack in Hadera and the army's retaliation.

Teva Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:TEVA), having closed on the Nasdaq with a negative 1.3% arbitrage gap, is dropping 1% on NIS 9.5 million turnover, the highest on the floor. The company Thursday announced tentative approval for the manufacture and distribution of 50 mg Tramadole Hydrochloride, the generic version of RW Johnson's Ultram. Sales of Ultram in the last four quarters totaled $628 million.

Partner Communications (Nasdaq:PTNR) is losing 2.9% on negative arbitrage gap, as is Retalix (Nasdaq:RTLX), which is slipping 2.3%, and Tower Semicnductor (Nasdaq:TSEM) that is dropping 4.1%. Nice Systems (Nasdaq:NICE) is having a nicer day with a 2.5% climb, and Elbit Medical Imaging (Nasdaq:EMITF) is also faring better, and is rising 3.1%.

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IDB group shares are plunging sharply. IDB Development is down 2.4% and IDB Holdings is losing 1.9%. Discount Investment Corporation is also losing 1.9%, and Clal Industries is bidding 2.4% goodbye.

Israel Chemicals is losing 1.9% on NIS 1.9 million turnover. The group recently completed an NIS 200 million commercial securities issue to institutional investors. Supersol is also making headlines on attempts to raise NIS 150 million in CPI linked bonds. It is falling 1%.

The Makhteshim Agan A series bond issue turnover is NIS 9.3 million, the second on the floor, as the share drops 1.5%. TheMarker learned the company would Wednesday issue NIS 50 million in additional bonds from that series.