By Ben Zion Citrin

Indianapolis-based drug mammoth

Eli Lilly

(NYSE:LLY) yesterday filed request for a contempt of court ruling against Israeli generic drugs giant

Teva Pharmaceuticals


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Two years ago, Tel Aviv District Court Judge Esther Kovo found Teva guilty of violating Eli Lilly's patent on the active ingredient in the Prozac anti-depression medication.

Kovo ordered Teva to hand over invoices and documents related to the violation of the patent in order to calculate compensation for Eli Lilly.

In the request submitted yesterday, Eli Lilly representatives argued that Teva had refused to disclose the documents or furnish details regarding the violation of the patent. The request also pointed out that six months ago, the court had rejected a request by Teva not to release the documents related to the affair.

"Teva is treating the decision of the court merely as a non-binding recommendation," Eli Lilly claimed in its petition. The pharmaceuticals giant added that the Israeli company was refusing to disclose vital evidence required to determine the compensation it is due.

According to the American company, Teva was breaching the ruling of the court in order to delay, as much as possible, the damage procedures and to hide crucial evidence.

Eli Lilly asked the court yesterday to exercise its authority, based on the contempt of court ordnance, and impose a fine of NIS 100,000 for each week's delay in handing over the documents.