A host of executives denied yesterday that there are talks to merge

Internet Gold

(Nasdaq:IGLD) with Internet service provider



Benny Einhorn, executive vice president and manager of communications at

Discount Investments

, on Tuesday said that reports of such negotiations are wrong.

"I can't imagine where this information comes from. It is unlikely, unacceptable and hasn't even remotely occurred to us," he said.

Einhorn added that the antitrust authority probably wouldn't approve such a deal anyway.

A top source at communications company


, which controls Internet Gold, also denied that there are any talks, at any level.

Internet Gold CEO, Eli Holtzman, concurred. "A merger between NetVision snd ourselves is unlikely, unrealistic and not feasible at all," Holtzman stated.

Discount Investments' newly elected president, Ami Erel, also denied the rumors. "I know nothing of any talks between Discount Investments and Eurocom regarding a merger between NetVision and Internet Gold," he said.

Erel also said he has no knowledge of any intentions to cut jobs at NetVision, nor of any plans to merge NetVision into the cable companmy



"A board of directors meeting was held yesterday and none of these three possibilities was mentioned," he said.