TheMarker has learned that Discount Bank and a subsidiary made NIS 39.6 million provisions for Zeevi group debt on its Bezeq holding. Adding the current provision to 2001 provisions by the bank and the subsidiary for Zeevi¿s Bezeq stake amounts to a total provision of NIS 60.1 million.

First International Bank made a NIS 37 million provision for the Zeevi Bezeq debt last week.

In November 2001, the Supervisor of Banks instructed members of the banking consortium to make doubtful debt provisions for the loan to Zeevi. Yitzhak Tal allowed the banks to spread the provisions over three quarters, from Q3 2001 through Q1 2002.

Dscount Bank posted a sharp increase in doubtful debt for the communications and computer services sectors in Q1 2002, from the parallel quarter¿s NIS 1 million to a current NIS 91.5 million.