DealTime posts $2 million November revenue, breaks even on operations

D&A Hi-tech reported that the company's peak season is actually December's Christmas shopping frenzy.
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Price-comparison website DealTime broke even in November on monthly revenues of $2 million, according to D&A Hi-tech Information.

The company's peak season is in the December lead-up to Christmas shopping.

Audience measurement service netScore ranked DealTime the fourth-largest shopping site with 8.4 million unique U.S. visitors for the month of November, further validating the financial results.

The company scrapped a planned IPO at $300-500 million market cap last year due to poor market conditions. D&A speculates that the company's impressive financial results now could resuscitate the public offering.

DealTime Israel general manager Eli Campo stated in response, "I can only say that DealTime certainly is gaining momentum. However, we are a privately-held company and we do not comment on finances."

DealTime was founded in 1997 by CommTouch founders Nahum Sharfman and Amir Ashkenazi. The company is considered a world leader in Internet-based price comparison. DealTime raised $51 million at the beginning of 2000 from investors that included Israel Seed Partners, Infinity, America Online, Bank of America, Singapore Telecom, Nomura International. The company payroll consists of 200 employees in Israel and abroad.