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Dankner investments today confirmed this morning's report in Ma'ariv that Yes satellite TV and Matav Cable Systems (Nasdaq:MATV) are in preliminary talks concerning cooperation. The talks are being held in parallel to negotiation of the cable company merger. At this stage, Dankner could not estimate the results of the preliminary examination of the talks.

Ma'ariv reports that some of the shareholders involved in the negotiations have appealed to the Antitrust Commissioner and asked for his view on their possible merger.

According to sources close to the negotiations, it was Matav who initiated the talks. The deal under discussion, according to the newspaper, is a stock swap in which the satellite company's shareholders, particularly small ones, might take the opportunity to sell their stakes.

Bezeq CEO Ilan Biran is representing Yes in the talks, while Shmuel Dankner, Chairman of Matav's board, is representing Matav.

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The talks are led by Ilan Biran, Bezeq CEO, on behalf of Yes, and Matav chairman, Shmuel Dankner.