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A customer has filed a class action petition against

Bank Hapoalim (TASE:


), claiming it illegally charged commissions without his consent.

The plaintiff, Albert Avisrur, claims that the bank charged a fictitious commission, which it calls "

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- revaluation several times over a long period of time, in contravention of Bank of Israel regulations.

He claims the bank charges this revaluation commission for queries that bank clerks make without prompting by the client for the bank's own internal needs. The customer is not consulted nor is his permission sought, even after the event, Avisrur claimed.

The commission is usually charged when the clerk prints out a statement of the customer's account, when deciding whether to honor the customer's checks. But the customer gets charged for the printout he neither wanted nor requested.

Moreover, when the bank decides to bounce a check, the bank charges an additional NIS 40 commission in the case of insufficient coverage, or NIS 17.80 in any other case. Those charges appear in the table of commissions that the bank publishes. But it charges another NIS 4.30 that is not publicized, for printouts.

The total value of the suit comes to about NIS 40 million, Avisrur estimates. Bank Hapoalim has yet to file its rebuttal.