Thanks to a range of new products, you can customize, cover and carry all your electronics gear.

Laptop Sleeve/Tote


: Do-it-yourself design


: Not everyone is a great artist

Plenty of bags are available for toting laptops around, but not many that you can customize yourself. The Skooba DIY (design it yourself) tote is great for business travelers who want their bag to stand out.

Using fabric markers and/or paints you can create anything on this canvas bag. As for versatility, the tote stands upright when there are contents inside and the handles collapse to create a bag without handles.

If you can't draw or create designs on the DIY tote, send your logo to the company and they will create the tote for you. They did a stellar job on an embroidered version of my logo on a black Scooba tote (see photo).

$14.95/iPhone Skin


: Wide variety of skins


: Hard to choose just one design

Ipods, Nanos and iPhones alike can get lost without some distinction. Gelaskins are thin covers, many of which are designed by great artists, that adhere to the front and back of all iPod devices.

With designs ranging from Seurat's

Avenue de la Grande Jatte

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painting to something more primal, like a skin from "Steampunk." The beauty of these skins is that they not only stylize your iPod devices but they are thin enough to go on under a hard, protective, plastic cover.

The wide variety might make it hard to choose just one, though they only cost $15, so splurge and get more.

$25 to $75/MacBook Pro


: Customize Mac Products


: Permanent

These guys will etch anything on a Mac, DS Lite or anything with a translucent cover.

But you can't have your local Apple store remove the cover and send them just the cover; they prefer that you send the entire MacBook for the etching.

Turnaround time on this is pretty quick. We got ours back in less than 10 days. Prices vary, depending on the complexity of the design. For another $10 they can also buff out any scratches on your Apple devices. Most Mac users consider themselves pioneers and etching only emphasizes their desire to think outside the box.

Site to See

Once you check out Woot, you could be hooked.

What is Woot?

This site offers a new, usually cool electronic device or product that you might really want or need every morning at 12 a.m. CST.

Note: You might want to check this site as soon as the clock strikes 12 because after the product is sold out, that's it. It's discontinued at 11:59 p.m. and there are no waiting lists or back orders.

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