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Cramer's 'Mad Money' Interview: aQuantive Qualifies

Brian McAndrews, CEO of aQuantive, joined Cramer on Tuesday's 'Mad Money' TV show.



CEO Brian McAndrews joined Jim Cramer on Tuesday's "Mad Money" TV show to talk about his company's third-quarter results posted Tuesday.

Cramer asked McAndrews about analysts' talk of seasonality in aQuantive's business. "This seasonality stuff is garbage, right?" asked Cramer. "It was a strong quarter."

"We had a strong quarter," said McAndrews, adding that the company had exceeded its guidance and that revenue was up sequentially. "I think sometimes people do see seasonality in Q3, but we didn't see it that much."

To watch the full interview with McAndrews and to get Cramer's take on the stock, click here. To read the full "Mad Money" recap, please click here.

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